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Reinventing the standards on how we create and communicate brands through real stories, autenticity, trust and humanizing brands.

Now, as disruptive entrepreneurial my inspiration is igniting and awake consciences, hearts and promoting changes in each of us and all. Together we are creating a better world .

International Storyteller consultant for tourism, Storytelling : EUROPE & BRAZIL. I’m in love with Tourism for over 20 years.


MBA in Marketing , Communication and Image IADE, graduated in Tourism Management and Tourism Enterprises by INP.


I’m also a ICC International Coach, NLP Certification and Hay Teacher: Mindfulness and Heart Wisdom


I started in sales & corporate at Club Med, PR & Marketing Assistant at Regency Hotels & Resorts and the Essential Magazines as Project Manager.


After this challenge in the publishing area , the following five years took me at Tivoli Hotels & Resorts, Portugal / Brazil as Brand Manager ith full rebrand and openings of several hotels. Recently at Sheraton Algarve Hotel & Pine Cliffs Resort, as PR & Marketing Manager. I decided that it was time to embrace new challenges.

Let's Work Together?

Creating a Brand New World

My Vision

Re-inventing the standards on how we create and communicate Brands, through real stories: Authenticity, Trust and Humanizing Brands.

Inspired by nature process where it all starts within from the soul, heart, dna and uniqueness, the same thing happens with creating brands from inside/out.

Beyond mere fleeting impact, that moment of connection provides a foundation for long-term advocacy, loyalty, and a sustainable Brand relationship. Flourishing Brands & People from their purpose Brands with Meaning.

My Commitment

I believe that it`s not the complacent brands or the most money driven who will survive but those who can best manage change and evolve.

That`s why I`m constantly learning and promoting Brands growth and evolution: flourishing from the essence.

Pushing human conscious forward, with new levels of understanding and new paths of creating a better World: Real Brands and Real People committed to being better.

The result of this new intimacy: your brand is humanized, customer loyalty skyrockets, performance and team morale is boosted.

Lourenço Lucena Testemunho MS BRANDS

“Embora já tivesse trabalhado anteriormente com a Ana Cristina no projecto de rebranding de um grupo de hotéis na Madeira, foi no âmbito do projecto de criação da identidade sensorial da Tivoli Hotels & Resorts, desenvolvido pela BLUG, que tivemos maior contacto e me foi possível conhecer e constatar o seu profissionalismo.
A memória que guardo é de alguém altamente motivada e empenhada em fazer acontecer. Sempre disponível e com uma energia muito positiva, foi uma gestora de projecto do lado do Cliente de mão cheia, apaixonada pelos detalhes e já nessa altura consciente que a genuinidade, a essência e a experiência em hotelaria são fundamentais para o sucesso.”

– Lourenço Lucena, Executive head partner da BLUG


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To be visionary is to possess the ability to combine vision with competence. More than just seeing the present, it is also seeing the future.
Being able to foresee trends and anticipate change, rather than just being hit by it, seeing from other perspectives and creating solutions, turning walls into landscapes of opportunity.

Only possible by the constant desire to learn, discover and challenge everything, observe and go beyond the obvious. CVO – chief visionary officer


To be creative is to have the ability to create new concepts, invent and take new approaches to something that already exists or even start from scratch.

Creativity is a process of evolution, of searching for new solutions, formulating new choice options to achieve better results: testing and evaluating which ones generate the most impact and the greatest satisfaction and return. Much associated with Creative Blue Sky Thinking, led by those who are free of conditioning and see endless possibilities.


To be a thinker is to have the ability to reflect on what is and how it can be better and different, to create and combine thoughts and ideas, to meditate on the present to anticipate the future, to seek new knowledge and to transform it into wisdom.

It is nurturing the gift of knowing more, learning and discovering new areas of knowledge and how they can be integrated into a more holistic and authentic vision.

It’s expanding to new levels of awareness bring new solutions to everyday challenges with the premise of evolution.